Sometimes people need a secret message. A word from a stranger.

A year ago I started this little project, writing little notes for strangers. Just a sentence. Maybe even like a piece of a longer story. I write them down, on little papers, and hang them on bikes. They are hanging there, to be found. I hope I can reach peoples with my ‘words for strangers’-project. And I really hope that I can influence someones life.
Peoples in Antwerp, Ghent and Paris already received a note of me. But I will take my notes with me at every place I travel to, and make people happy with it all over the world. That’s my dream.

In the beginning of 2012 the words-for-strangers-project went to a higher level, because people all over the world helped me spreading the notes. They replied on a request of mine, I’ve send them a package with notes, … and the spreading could start. The only thing I asked from them was if they could send me pictures of the notes they’ve spread. And that story I share with you on this blog.

During the summer of 2012 I’ll make new notes, so if you are interested to join the project. Please e-mail me at: .

Let’s make people happy


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