Soon new words.

21 augustus 2012

At the moment I’m busy creating new ‘words for strangers’, this time no quotes anymore. But writers-words, from Marc Vangrieken. Marc is someone I knew from at the coffeebar. I always saw him reading or writing, but we never spoke to each other. By coincidence I discovered his blog with his lovely stories. So I asked him if he wanted to create some sentences for this project. He agreed. This is how it looks so far, beautiful dutch sentences.

I’m still searching for someone who would like to create words in English, and maybe also in French. No soft quotes, or wishes. But something real, melancholic, funny …. something to think about ? So if someone might be interested, please send me an e-mail, and explain why your words would be the best to appear on my cards. And maybe I’ll pick you to write words for my project. In return you will have my eternal gratitude, and worldwide fame.








One Response to “Soon new words.”

  1. Leah calabro Says:

    Hello there from Boston mass!!! So for no reason besides fate I stumbled upon your page today! I started playing around on pintrest and 2 hours an a relaxing bubble bath later there you were. I was so tremendously draw to your, words from strangers project that I just had to share with you my thoughts. What an amazing idea you had, I only read briefly about it but I hope it touched many life’s ad placed endless smiles upon people’s faces! Thanks so much for sharing your story! Greatly appreciative, Leah Calabro

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