Words in Hong Kong.

20 februari 2012

By Koey Li – Hong Kong – China – February 2012

Thank you, Koey Li, for your lovely pictures and words. I really love her chinese writing, so beautiful.

What Koey li told me:
I chose to spread the notes along Shanghai Street because it is a special place which concentrates many special characters of Hong Kong. Along the street, while people and cars busily move around, you can find both old and short, and modern and tall buildings. So, I think it’s a good choice of place to hang your notes in this city. Here is more about it:[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanghai_Street ]. However, there are not many people riding bicycles in Hong Kong so I hardly found bikes to hang to notes. Besides, I wrote some Chinese proverbs about life on the four blank notes and hope your little notes and these proverbs can remind the busy people.

More pictures over here.

Pictures taken by Koey Li


One Response to “Words in Hong Kong.”

  1. Delphine Says:

    How does one participate in this project? I’m in Brussels… 🙂

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