Words for strangers by mail.

11 december 2011

Inge – Gent – December 2011

Inge was the first person who spread some of my notes.

When I send people notes to spread in their cities, then there are some with a wish on, but there also are a few blanco tags, so then the people can write their own wishes down, in their own languages and hang it on bikes. So did Inge, she’s so good with words, so I was very curious about what she would write down.

I was so surprised when this envelope was in my mailbox. Inge send one of her own handwritten-notes to me, and it makes me smile. It feels like I find a note for myself. Lovely.

Thanks a lot.
More pictures follow soon.


3 Responses to “Words for strangers by mail.”

  1. […] information about this letter, up here. Delen:TwitterFacebookVind ik leuk:LikeWees de eerste om post te waarderen. Posted by Hermine Van […]

  2. cococita Says:

    I think it must be a wonderful feeling to get a note like this ๐Ÿ™‚ And wow, what a beautiful poem … I will copy it in one of my notebooks, ‘cause I really love it. Thanks for sharing! This post adds some happiness to my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. […] I went personally to her classroom (were she give creative lessons to little children) to give her the tags. And she spread them beautifully, she also send me one of her handwritten notes.. […]

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