Preparations (2).

30 november 2011

I take my box everywhere to write notes for strangers, on the train, with a coffee, … . I love to sit in between all my writing-tools and little papers, and the thought of someone finding one of my notes is so amazing. It’s so lovely to see that so many people want to help me spreading the notes around the world. I was mostly touched that there is a someone who want to hang them in Jerusalem, I think that’s really special.

Oh, forgot to tell that there even were 2 moviemaker who came to film us while we were writing on saturday. Funny, don’t you think?

Thanks a million.

Chiara and Griet, two beautiful writing women.


4 Responses to “Preparations (2).”

  1. Veronica Says:

    This looks great. Congratulations on your effort to spread these beautiful words!!

    Have a lovely day*

    Best wishes from Spain! 🙂

  2. Dear Hermine,
    I find you project lovely! That is such a nice and creative idea! Like Loesje (, but the one that comes TO people. Oh, I wish I was biker that found one of the messages on my bike! 🙂
    But, I would like to know more: is there something you consider a final result, like, is there an ending to your project? However, what is the goal (apart form making people happy, which is the most beaustiful goal ever :)), does it just stop at this blog, or you plan to make an exhibition of some kind after it’s done..?

    I’m in a little personal project myself. Though what I do is not directly intended to other people, I write a blog about it and share my experiences and new gained knowledge with others. Here’s the blog:, I’d like to hear your impressions.

    Keep up the good work and take care!
    Warmest greetings from Serbia!

    • Oh, dearest Visnja,

      thank you so much for your sweet words. I don’t have a final result in mind, I never have. Maybe one day there will be a book, or an exhibition or …. . But at the moment I’m very happy just hanging messages on peoples bikes, and make them feel special. It’s a project that stays forever, it don’t have an end-point. At the moment my new ‘goal’ is to let people around the world spread my words in their cities, so maybe you want to join ? Then just send me your address by mail (, and then I try to send you some notes soon.

      with love,


      • Dear Hermine,
        I’ve asked you if you have a big picture about this project because the idea is great, and usually in the core of all the best things is a good idea. Once you have that, it takes a bit of engineering to make it live and be known and move this world a bit forward a better place 🙂
        However, I think spreading the word is a great next step and I would love to join!
        I will write to you in an e-mail.

        All the best,

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