27 november 2011

A beautiful cold saturday in La Chascona, with friends, penpalls and lovely strangers. They all came from different corners in the country to help me with prepare my “words for strangers”-project.

We all were drawing and writing beautiful sentences on little cards, to surprise other people, to make them feel special. When I was watching them around me I felt so emotional, and I couldn’t believe all these magical persons came to the coffeebar to help me prepare the project. There were some of them that I never had seen before, some of them I was writing with for a while, some of them where amazing friends. It’s so lovely to see how little notes can bring people closer to eachother.

Keep the magic going on.
125 notes done / 375 to go


A request

On Thursday the exhibition about the letters will start. And that’s the reason of preparing the ‘words for strangers’. During the time of the exhibition I want to spread these notes in Ghent, but also around the world. But I need your help. Would love to see my notes in different countries, on different places, so I can make more people happy with a little note.

Do you want to join, and help me ? Well, this is my idea. Send me your address in an e-mail (, and then I’ll send you a little package with a few notes-for-strangers. I would be so happy if you can spread them in your city, and take a picture of them. It would be lovely if you could send the pictures back to me so we can exhibit them somewhere. And maybe maybe, one day, I’ll make a little book of them.

What do you think ?


5 Responses to “Preparations.”

  1. chiara Says:

    Chiara Simonelli
    Dalia Nitu
    Lotte van Eyck

    Albert Giraudlaan 61
    1030 Schaarbeek


    Verliefd op het leven.

  2. Balthazar Says:

    Oooh, I’d love it if you sent me some, Hermine!

  3. Julie Says:

    oh leuk!! Ik doe graag mee!!

  4. […] another sweet project i can’t wait to get involved […]

  5. tak Says:

    oooh, nogal druk geweest en veel te lang niet hier geweest.
    Ben vast te laat…?

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